Lost Planet 2 Boss Profile: Gordiant (The Salamander Gets a Name!)

Dec 02, 2009 // Snow

You should recognize this boss monster. And now we’ve finally given the Salamander a real name, Gordiant. You’ve seen lots of Gordiant since we’ve first announced LP2. He’s one of the few bosses in any game that eats you, you fight him in his guts, then get to take the slip’n slide wild ride down his sphincter and poo’d out. Literally. With the excitement of finally revealing the name of good ol’ Sir Om Nom Nom, I’ve got some new fancy screen of him to show you, and some tips of how this boss works, in case you’ve missed the demos on PSN or XBL. 

First off, the Gordiant is the final boss you’ll encounter in Episode 1. And he likes snacking on little menacing snow pirates like yourself. But don’t worry, if he gobbles you up that’s not the end of you. You’ll find yourself able to shoot up his juicy innards and take the rear exit, if you catch my drift. 

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Besides eating you, the Gordiant also has a few other attacks you should be prepared for. He can release a shockwave that will reach you no matter where you or your friends are at on the map. Then he has his whip like tongues that strike with pin-point accuracy. He uses his tail like a spike covered club, which hits hard enough to throw boulder sized chunks off the pillars of rock in the area you’ll fight him in. And being so big, sometimes he’ll just bum rush you and tramp you to death! 

We wouldn’t just pit you against a Category G like the Gordiant with no way to do some explodifying. There’s all sorts of guns, layzor beams (pew pew pew), and Vital Suits that can take up you and your buddies. 

We’ve got more info coming on the bosses of LP2, so stay tuned for that this week!