Hot New MHFU DLC Quest and Bonus Items

Nov 06, 2009 // Snow

Alright hunters, the latest Monster Hunter Freedom Unite DLC quest is live, and it’s guaranteed to put your skills to the test! Challenge Quest08 throws you in the Moat Arena (my favorite) against three tough color variants, all at G-Rank. Check out the scoop on the quest a bit further below. 

Before you get that quest, be sure to download the newest bonus items. Among all the bonus goodies, one is extremely useful. Namely that the old merchant lady (aka Granny) outside of the Gathering Hall now sells Raw Meat and Flash Bugs! Now it’s much easier to do what I do, and throw Flash Bombs like it’s going outa style. 

OKAY so Quest details… 

Slay all of the Large Monsters

“I’m hosting an arena of my own where I’ll happily hand out prizes from my stash of treasures to anyone with outstanding times. You can even participate with your pals. Don’t keep me waiting!”

Monsters: Terra S.Ceanataur, Red Khezu, Black Diablos

Area: Moat Arena (Day)

Hunter Rank: G Class (HR 7 Or Above Only)

Reward: 27,000z

Swing by Yuffie ‘s MHFU DLC thread in the forumsfor all the previous quests and stuff you might have missed out on!