Die One Thousand Deaths!

Nov 08, 2010 // s-kill

The SoCal Regionals event I was telling you about last week is in the history books, and was full of amazing moments.  If anything could top a US Dhalsim defeating Daigo Umehara and Alex Valle playing one of the great Ryu vs Ryu matches of all time, it was the incredible performance of Japanese master Tokido. 

Tokido signed up for this event under the nickname given him by US players: ” Tokido Murder Face ” (in honor of the truly bloodthirsty scowl he makes while playing), and he cemented that name in Street Fighter history this weekend.  Tokido eliminated the excellent Ibuki player ClakeyD with a brutal Raging Demon, capped off by Tokido jumping in front of the projector to catch Akuma’s infamous kanji emblazoned on his own back at the same moment his opponent’s lifebar disappeared in-game.  You can watch the match below , and see more of the animated giftastic fanfare here

If you were there, or just happened to see this on the stream, sound off in the comments–it was an epic moment!