Unity Streaming EVO Live This Weekend

Jul 15, 2009 // s-kill

Just a note to share the address of the Capcom Unity stream for this weekend’s EVO Finals .  

There’s nothing there YET, but come this Friday at 10am, it will transform into a steaming wellspring of hot, hot fighting game action, via our friends at Ustream so check it out: 



For those who haven’t been to EVO before and will be watching this weekend instead of attending, check out this piece from 1UP’s intrepid journalist-turned-fighting gamer Richard Li about his first trip to EVO, why he’s taking his vacation just to go back, and what the event has come to mean to him .  Great piece on how what starts being all about the competition grows to become about fan-dom, camaraderie, and great friends. 

That’s the true lifeblood of the event, and why everyone who goes, goes back.