You’re Invited: the Street Fighter IV Launch Event!

Feb 04, 2009 // s-kill

On February 12th, Capcom’s doors are swinging wide to welcome Street Fighter fans everywhere into our SFIV wonderland. 

The where:
The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art
152 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90012

The when:
Thursday, February 12th, 2009, from 8pm-12 midnight.

The who:
You!  Yes, you.  And your squirrely cousin.  And his best friend.  On February 12th, any friend of Street Fighter is a friend of ours, and is welcome at the party.

he how:

You sign up for the party by dropping an email to sfevent@capcom.com
and await your RSVP!

The What:

So what’s happening? If a roomful of SFIV isn’t enough to keep you smiling, we’ve also got:

-Producer Yoshinori Ono on hand for autographs
-Live performance by The Knux
-Live performance by Supreme Soul from America’s Best Dance Crew
-Live performance by DJ QBert
-Customized fitted caps by Estate LA ( www.estatela.com )
-Customized etching by Coveroo ( www.coveroo.com )
-Customized sketches by Udon artists
-Street Fighter Club Room – If you missed us in LA, SF and NYC, here’s your chance to relive the magic
-Screening of the new Street Fighter anime “The Ties That Bind”
-Old-school arcade cabinets redesigned and reinterpreted by artists and fashion labels

And last but not least, your chance to win a retail copy of Street Fighter IV a week before it hits stores !

Yes my friends, it’s a good time to be a Street Fighter, so come one, come all, and join us for a very special night of face-punching goodness!