EVO Finals 2008: The Time is Now

Aug 01, 2008 // s-kill


I’m sending my shiniest “I’m going to Las Vegas!” shirts to the cleaners in preparation for my yearly sojourn to the mother of all fighting game tournaments, the EVO Championship Series World Finals .

With a rich 10+ year history and passion like you won’t find anywhere else in competitive gaming, EVO Finals are THE place for fighting fans. From Tokyo to London, and Sao Paulo to Seoul, EVO competitors come from every corner of the planet to test themselves, meet other fighting fans, and have fun playing casual matches.

Running from August 8-10th at the Tropicana Hotel & Resort, EVO will also be your chance to get your grubby hands on the best of tomorrow’s fighting games, including Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix .

It’s also the only place outside of Capcom’s R&D department that you’ll be able to play Tatsunoko Vs Capcom !

Protip: watch the trailer and keep your eyes peeled for EVO regular and WSOP final tablist, Hevad Khan !