Quick Note on Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Nov 03, 2011 // Snow

Hey there Capcom-Unity! We’ve noticed some rumors floating around on the internet about Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City regarding a beta. To clarify the situation, our PR team has drafted a small note: 

“There has been some media coverage this week stating Capcom will run a public beta and release a demo for its upcoming title Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City. Unfortunately this was due to a website misreporting what was said during an interview.

Although we will not be releasing a consumer demo or hosting a beta there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to play the game before it releases on March 20 th  in North America and March 23 rd  in Europe. Stay tuned to Capcom-Unity and Capcom Europe for more information on our upcoming first to play community events for Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City.”