Reaverbot Notes from the Development Staff

May 24, 2011 // GregaMan

Hey hey, as a follow-up to the Reave-ival selections, Action Planner Shingu-san and Art Director Ishihara-san have given some notes on the selected Reaverbots and how they intend to use them in Mega Man Legends 3! None of these ideas are finalized, but they give a good look at what the staff wants to do with all these freaky bots.

Notes after the jump.


Gorubesshu’s popularity in both Devrooms was overwhelming!

In the future, I’d like to preserve this guy’s shield strategy while adding in some new special attack (fights with Gorubesshu tend to be a little slow, so it’d be nice to add some excitement).

I was thinking it might be good to have him thrust at you with his shield up, sending you flying back, but that kind of movement would actually expose this character’s big weak point, so that might be a problem. I’ll think of something else.

I also plan to have different versions of this enemy. Gold-colored Gorubesshus will be able to deflect attacks from even the strongest special weapons! I think that might be pretty cool (Planner Shingu)


This guy was created alongside Sharukurusu to be one of the tougher enemies in the game, and I think it met that aim. It also appeared in “Namco x Capcom”, and now it’s back for Legends 3. I guess you just can’t do without this enemy! (Art Director Ishihara)



We had lots of comments talking about the surprise of this thing sprouting legs and walking around. For Legends 3, I intend to keep the types we’ve used up to now, including the one that launches bombs, but I’m sure a lot of people out there are already used to these types, so I’ll add another new type as well. You’ll have to wait and see what that type is. . . .  (Planner Shingu)


This is a frustrating Reaverbot, but an essential one nonetheless. (Art Director Ishihara)



As some of you said in the comments, this Reaver was sort of a “balance breaker”, and I think it deserves to be treated significantly. In the past, Firushudot has been so powerful that it makes you want to run away. In the future, I want it to be powerful, but compel players to defeat it instead. (Planner Shingu)


Considering how scarce this Reaverbot was, it’s clear that it left a very strong impression on many of you. That feeling of shock when you take this thing on thinking it’s just some regular enemy, only to discover yourself near death. I wonder if that same sense will return in the sequel. (Art Director Ishihara)



I had wanted to introduce a new Reaverbot that would “trick” the player. Perhaps it makes perfect sense, then, that Poh was selected by all of you. For this game, I think I’d like to have it appear in other weak-looking forms, only to reveal itself as the almight Poh when you get too close! (Planner Shingu)


Sounds interesting. I never thought about Poh disguising itself as other Reaverbots, but that might be pretty cool too. Like if you shot a Horokko and it turned into one! (Art Director Ishihara)



An iconic enemy to be sure, but I really didn’t expect it to be selected. Right now, I don’t really know how we’ll use it in the next game. Maybe make it stronger than before, and make it so that you have to destroy the Orudakoitan first or it will be indestructible. But wait, the Orudakoitan wasn’t even selected so, I guess that won’t work. . . .

What the heck, let’s throw the Orudakoitan in too! (Planner Shingu)


We call this thing “Arukoitan” because it walks just like one of the staff members, whose nickname was “Koitan” [note: Japanese for “walk” is “aruku”]. Lucky you, Koitan! (Art Director Ishihara)



I intend to keep this guy as a platform, but I think it might be cool to make it so that if you touch certain spots on him (like his head) he’ll drop you off and then lash out at you. Also, if you attack him so much that he gets angry, it’d be interesting if his counter attack was randomized instead of being set to trigger after you hit him a certain number of times. (Planner Shingu)


I’m a fan of the lines on Mandomantal’s belly. I want our 3D modeler to make sure it looks just like it used to. (Art Director Ishihara)


Pretty cool sneak peeks!