UMvC3 Costume Inspiration Blog – JILL VALENTINE

Oct 29, 2011 // Ryan

Hey guys, sorry I’m so late with this one.  I’ve spent the morning on a different Jill Valentine project that I’m sure you guys will love once you see it.  This week, we’re featuring Jill Valentine, rocking her Resident Evil 5 battlesuit outfit. The costume utilizes a lot of dark blues and black, and is actually quite reminiscent of what she ends up wearing in Resident Evil Revelations , which is technically a prequel to RE5

Jill’s 2P costume is meant to look as much like Saki as possible.  Saki has a long history in the Versus fighting game series, mostly in MvC and TvC.  She’s not as straightforward to play as say a Ryu or Chun-li, but she’s a pretty cool character, so she deserves some love in her own right.  

I think people underestimate the amount of P.N.O3 love that Capcom has around our offices.  Vanessa is a great character to pull costumes from because she herself has several variations of her suit. This darker Jill costume was partially inspired by the darker Intera Fusion suit from that classic.

In RE5, Jill Valentine appears (SPOILERS) as the mind-controlled puppet of Wesker.  Nemesis has always been more like a mind-less puppet of Wesker, so we felt like teaming them all up in green.  

If Morrigan gets a pink costume (and so does Arthur and Felicia) then so should Jill.  To help differentiate the pink costume from her earlier red costume, we changed the color of her hair to a lovely purple.

Finally, back to P.N.03 .  This is the default costume for Vanessa. If this costume blog gets one person to go pick up that game, then perhaps I do contribute to society after all.  

That’s it for this week, check back on Tuesday for GameSpot ’s feature of two of UMvC3’s biggest names!  Marvel was a lot less tardy with their Shuma-Gorath blog as well.