UMvC3 Costume Inspiration Blog – ARTHUR

Oct 07, 2011 // Ryan

Happy Friday, Marvel and Capcom fans! Our alternate color blogs continue, as we tick through all the new costumes for 50 of the characters in the game.  This Tuesday, we had Zero featured over at GameSpot (you HAVE to see his new Vile alt), and today we have our favorite hero with the Strawberry Underpants: Arthur!

The base 1P design for Arthur is based on the PSP iteration of Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins . Arthur’s underpants are one of the most iconic part of his character.  Very few other video game heroes are best-known for their choice of boxers or briefs, but that’s what makes Arthur special.  With each new costume color we look at, please point your attention to those famous boxers, as we’ve not only changed his armor colors, but given him a fresh pair of briefs for every day of the week (with a rest on Sunday).