UMvC3 Costume Inspiration Blog – SPENCER

Sep 30, 2011 // Ryan

You can’t stop it, and you wouldn’t want to: this week’s return of the UMvC3 Alternate Color Blogs!  On Tuesday, we posted Trish’s reveal over at GameSpot , along with She-Hulk from the Marvel side.  Today, we have everybody’s favorite bionic commando: Spencer!  He has a bionic arm, you know.

The 2P alternate for Spencer is meant to really stand out from the original color.  After all, the original purpose of these colors is to clearly differentiate the 1P from the 2P when there’s more than one Spencer on-screen.  The red theme was take to the nines on this one, with dark red dreadlocks (an incredibly rare find), and even the little red lines on the boots.  This is Jane, from Bionic Commando , who also wears red.

This next alternate color is a bit of an inverse of the first, with camo pants and the white tank top.  Even the metal boots themselves have camo inserts.  One of the earliest versions of the new BC concept art had a white shirt as well.

The main antagonists in Bionic Commando game are the Bio-Reign terrorists.  This group has some very complex terror plans, but is not well-versed in camouflage techniques and has opted for a bright orange color-scheme.  Spencer’s 4P color choice gives him that style.

We had some more free reign with the Spencer designs, and wanted to really flex our design might—or at least, design options.  That’s where this design comes from, with the dirty tank top, leopard-print pants, golden dreads, and even gold parts in the bionic arm.  I would call this the bling Spencer.  The designs aren’t related, but another character with a similar fashion sense would be Haggar’s new feline alternate color.  Remember, not every reference image has a direct relationship!

To rein it back in a bit from the 5P costume, we went with a more traditional look for the final choice.  The word here is ‘clean’, and it’s essentially an inverse of the 3P design.  We’re tagging it to P.N.03, mostly because we want you to go look that game up.  It was part of the “Capcom Five”, along with Viewtiful Joe , RE4 , Dead Phoenix , and Killer7 .

That’s it for this week.  Join us on GameSpot next Tuesday for Arthur [editor’s note: this said Zero before, but that’s my bad.  It’s Arthur], and head over to Marvel.com RIGHT NOW for Hulk (Done in hilarious Hulk fashion)!