UMvC3 Costume Inspiration Blog – VIEWTIFUL JOE

Sep 16, 2011 // Ryan

We know you guys have been enjoying these alternate color blogs.  In case you missed this week’s entry at GameSpot, check out Thor and Amaterasu here .  This week, we’re blowing out one of my favorite Capcom characters of all time: Viewtiful Joe.  Joe is the star of his own game series, where he thrust from being just a normal movie fan to joining the world of Movieland, where he gains special powers based on film effects.

Viewtiful Joe’s base costume is everything you would expect from a movie fan who was turned into a super hero.  It’s completely over the top, with the bold white and red contrasts.  Viewtiful Joe also appeared in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and he wore this same costume in that appearance.  One detail to note, his trademark cannon will also change colors based on his costume choice.

Joe’s favorite movie hero is Captain Blue — and in the universe of Viewtiful Joe, that name makes sense.  Captain Blue had a sidekick known as Captain Blue Junior, who was the next-in-line for the crest of Captain Blue until Joe came along.  VJ’s 2P costume is based on Captain Blue Junior, but if you want to pretend you’re playing as the Senior version, we won’t tell.

The 3P color scheme for Viewtiful Joe is based on Jet Black.  Jet is Joe’s father and helped Captain Blue get started with his career.  Now, obviously this costume is not black. This is the transformation of the Black Emperor in the final battle, donning a samurai suit and a white armor set.

This costume is the Black Emperor version of Jet Black.  Jet always meant well for his son, but after finding the Black Film (a bewitched bit of film), he became a twisted villain and one of the series’ main antagonists.  My favorite detail of this costume is the crimson color on the inside of the cape.


Now for some of the new costumes.  No, Joe’s 5P costume is not based on Marvel’s Purple Man.  This is Blade Master Alastor, one of the recurring enemies from Movieland.  He’s pretty flippin awesome, since he’s also the spirit that animated the Alastor sword in Devil May Cry.  The purple is strong with this one.

Finally, the reason we’re in this mess to begin with: the aptly named Sexy Silvia.  Silvia is Blue’s daughter and Joe’s girlfriend, and Viewtiful Joe’s main quest is to rescue her from whatever it is she gets captured by.  She too gets powered up in the Movieland, and actually makes cameo appearances in his existing hyper combos (and in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom!).  The belt buckle, the boots, the visor, everything is accurate in this costume. 

That’s it for this week. Check out the Marvel blog to see the six costumes for Taskmaster revealed, and go to GameSpot next Tuesday to see the costume notes from our latest two reveals!

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