Get Cultured with CCCR Next Week

Jun 26, 2009 // Ryan

First, an introduction: I’m Ryan, and I’ll be introducing you to classic Capcom games from the PS1 and PSP that will be available on the PlayStation Network in the next few months.  The first of which is the Capcom Classics Collection Remixed, downloadable for the PSP.

Remember back when you used to rule the arcade, racking up combos and high scores on all of gaming’s original blockbusters?  Want to at least be able to claim that you did?  On July 2nd, CCCR gives you the tools to drop knowledge on twenty true arcade classics like Bionic Commando, Magic Sword, Strider, and 1941: Counter Attack. 

Curl your mustache as you tell your friends that you see echoes of Forgotten Worlds in today’s next-gen shooters.  Puff your pipe as you wax philosophical on how the innovation of Final Fight clearly influenced a whole generation of brawlers.  If you want credibility as a gamer, or just to experience the classics you may have missed, that’s why we have CCCR.

This bundled collection features Street Fighter.  Street Fighter, without anything after it.  These games are the foundation the rest of the industry was built on, and if you have never explored them, you need to.

They don’t make them like they used to, so look for Capcom Classics Collection Remixed on PSN next week.  Check out the list below for the full collection of retro gems included in the game.

–    1941: Counter Attack
–    Avengers
–    Bionic Commando
–    Black Tiger
–    Block Block
–    Captain Commando
–    Final Fight
–    Forgotten Worlds
–    Last Duel
–    Legendary Wings
–    Magic Sword
–    Mega Twins
–    Quiz and Dragons
–    Section Z
–    Side Arms: Hyper Dyne
–    The Speed Rumbler
–    Street Fighter
–    Strider
–    Three Wonders
–    Varth

Update : This release of CCCR is downloadable for the PSP only, which equates to having an entire arcade in your pocket.  (Thanks for asking)