MH4U monster spotlight: Seltas and Seltas Queen

Jun 28, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

A monster couple joins the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate roster, featuring some deadly tandem attacks!

As we enter a new Monster Hunter generation, we can expect new additions that break previously set conventions of what monsters should look like or how they should behave. For the first time, we now have a pair of monsters that work in complete synchronized forms: the Seltas and Seltas Queen !

First up is the Seltas; you’ll actually fight this guy pretty early on in the game. He’s got very strong wings and will dart at you at ridiculous speeds using his pointy arrow-like head to cause pain! He also has a projectile move that can be quite a nuisance.

Later on, you’ll encounter the female of the species, the Seltas Queen! This one is causes a lot more trouble (and pain) than her male counterpart. Featuring a harder carapace and a deadly set of pincers on her tail, she will surely give you a harder time.

However, the most interesting part of hunting these monsters is their ability to join forces and combine attacks!

The Seltas Queen will often release pheromones to attract a male Seltas; she then proceeds to grab him and plant him on her back. Together, they can do simultaneous combined attacks or even individual attacks, covering all their bases!

And if you think these monsters look totally awesome (I certainly do!), here are some of the equipment you can make from them:





Check back next week to read about one of the hottest Elder Dragons around! 😉

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out on the Nintendo 3DS early 2015!