Mega Man 1 – 6 Coming to iOS and Android

Dec 19, 2016 // Mike Larson

The Blue Bomber’s original adventures are finally making their way to iOS and Android.  These lovingly-crafted adaptations will remind long-time fans and introduce newcomers to what made the Mega Man such a popular and iconic character.  

The Games Releasing Include:

  • Mega Man® Mobile – The evil Dr. Wily must be stopped in this classic action platformer, the original Mega Man!
  • Mega Man® 2 Mobile– Dr. Wily resurfaces to threaten the world again! Only Mega Man can stand in his way.
  • Mega Man® 3 Mobile – Fight berserk robots on uncharted planets. Mega Man must set a course for space to resolve this mysterious crisis.
  • Mega Man® 4 Mobile – A year has passed since Mega Man’s battle in space. A new enemy appears – Dr. Cossack.
  • Mega Man® 5 Mobile – Manic robots cause chaos in the city. How is Proto Man involved? Only Mega Man can find out!
  • Mega Man® 6 Mobile – The Global Robot Alliance is formed, but this newfound peace is threatened by a new foe – the enigmatic Mr. X!

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