Weekly Capcom-Unity Monster Hunting

Jun 04, 2011 // Snow

Just because E3 is right around the corner doesn’t mean we won’t make time to play some Monster Hunter. It is Saturday after all, and that should come with some form of relaxation and perfectly BBQ’d meats. Also, hopefully some Alatreon Skypiercers > .> 

Wanna hunt with us today? Details are as follows: 

– Get online in Monster Hunter Tri Saturday anytime
– Go to the Server Valor 4
– Head to Gate 40
– Capcom-Unity will be waiting for you! 

That’s the meet up destination! Expect to find fellow Capcom-Unity Monster Hunters throughout the day. This event takes place both in North America and in Europe. If you’re playing in  North America click here  for more information, and if you’re playing in  Europe click here .

It’s an all day event, but don’t feel obligated to be there the whole time. Just hop online and in that server and gate when you get a chance!