Vocational Students Take Field Trip to Capcom Office

Mar 27, 2012 // GregaMan

Back in December, our offices were graced by the presence of Mr. Firestein’s enormous and enormously gifted fifth grade class from All Saint’s Catholic School in Hayward, California.

Well, last week it happened again, except that this time it was high school students. They grow so fast! Actually, this time it was a separate class of high school-aged students from EDEN ROP, a vocational school also in Hayward. Since it’s a vocational school, these students are each engrossed in one or more vocational practices that will get them far in the real world–Business, Marketing, Comoputer Programming, and Graphics. 

Naturally, all these students professed an interest in video games, so a Capcom visit made for the perfect trip! We had speakers from several departments talk about the joys (and challenges) of working at Capcom, and in the end–there was pizza and yakisoba. Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again–sure beats a trip to the box factory!

Big thanks to the students and faculty of EDEN ROP!