Vadrum rocks out with a Mega Man drum medley

Jul 19, 2017 // Patrick Kulikowski

Any day where a musical Mega Man fan remix or medley busts out onto the web is hailed as a great day to me, and this latest Mega Man drum medley from Vadrum is an exceptionally rockin’ one. Check it out after the break… man!

Andrea “Vadrum” Vadrucci is a professional drummer hailing from Italy who has done several game music drum medleys in the past.

This time, he’s tackled Manami “Chanchacorin” Matsumae’s entire 1987 8-bit Mega Man soundtrack , including victory and game over jingles, in a whopping 9+ minute drum medley, and boy are there a lot of neat things to unpack from this performance!

Vadrum’s style of drumming is heavily rooted in progressive rock and metal. Throughout the video he makes expert use of polyrhythms (aka playing a different rhythm to the music while keeping it in time), has some neat uses of cymbal hits on the offbeats, and remixes the 8-bit originals we know and love in a lot of cool ways.

Take his cool segue between “Bomb Man Stage” and “Wily Stage 2” for instance, or the way he matches his tom fills to the notes of “Guts Man Stage.” He even adds blast beats to the “Boss” theme. Anybody wanna mosh? Hearing “Elec Man Stage” and “Ending ( MM1 )” in there gave me tons of warm fuzzies, too!

All the kudos to Vadrum, what an inspiration ! Oh, and you should give his Super Mario Bros. 1 – 3 and Sonic the Hedgehog videos a look, too!