USB Mega Buster now available for pre-order

Mar 05, 2013 // Minish Capcom

As teased last week, the Mega Man USB Buster is now available for pre-order! For just $20 you get an 8GB stick shaped like the iconic Mega Buster, plus it’s loaded with $100 worth of digital goods!

Head over to the Capcom Store for the order page – and when you do, you’ll be prompted for a special deal on the MM25 lanyard. Just $2!

Again, the purchase includes:

-8GB Mega Buster USB stick

-Mega Man #1~4 (Digital Comic Book)

-Mega Man Tribute Art Book (Digital)

-Mega Man X Complete Works (Digital)

-Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack (via A_Rival)

-SFxMM Wallpapers (Originally posted on Unity)

-Quick link to SFxMM game (in case you somehow don’t have it)