Unity Recommends: Van Damme Fight Pack

Sep 12, 2008 // s-kill

We could sit here and talk about these movies, or you could shut up, buy them, and already be watching Van Damme making the same face he makes constantly as he kicks famously evil butts including Lance Henriksen and Ron Silver (note he is in fact making the same face in all of these covers).

In addition to all the win in Street Fighter: the Movie, I’d also like to put in a good word for Hard Target (the sequel to the never-released and much less exciting “Easy Target” that was over in 5 minutes), but let’s not forget our real motivation, people: it’s only $15.49 over at Amazon for 6+ hours of Van Damage!

Thanks to StreetFighterDevotion for the heads up, and click here for their review of Street Fighter: the Movie .