Ultimate MvC3 live stream – watch and win!

Nov 15, 2011 // Minish Capcom

:: UPDATE :: Stream over! Thanks for watching and playing with us! We have the recorded video embedded. More UMvC3 live streams coming soon!

From 3-4pm Pacific we’re live streaming Ultimate MvC3 on Xbox 360. Add our Gamertag “Minish Capcom” and we’ll try to get you in a match during the stream. And if you don’t have a copy to play along with us today, well, we’ve got US copies to give away in the chat!

Follow along in the chat and I’ll have some trivia questions for ya – one for each new character in UMvC3. That’s three 360 copies and three PS3 copies up for grabs!

You can also head to the  Justin TV page  for the larger player.