Tokido challenges Infiltration to a deadly mirror match – SSF4AE v2012

Aug 28, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

There are times when you’re browsing the internet, looking for that Street Fighter fix , and you stumble upon a mirror match. “ Ugh! ” you say, “this is gonna be boring”; and you’re not wrong: mirror matches have a great potential to be super tedious…

Not this one! Just picture Tokido (one of the top players in Japan) walking over to Infiltration (possibly Korea’s top player and EVO 2012 champion), tapping him on the shoulder: “You, me, SF4, now!”. Through gritted teeth, Infiltration replies: “I will teach you the meaning of pain…

Well, that’s how I imagined it. Anyways, find the match below:

Impressive, huh? I see it as a test of meticulous calculations, insane reactions, precision and straight up mind reading… or guessing lol

In all seriousness, this match may seem like a boring air-fireball fight with a few exciting moments, but to the more knowledgeable folks out there, it’s like a high-speed chess match in real-time! So go home and be a family man , and study your Street Fighter! =P

via  Shoryuken