The weird and wild Raid Mode costumes of Resident Evil Revelations

Aug 23, 2017 // Kellen Haney

We’ve already delved into part 1 and part 2 of our character introduction series for Resident Evil Revelations, but once you’ve finished the game’s story, there’s plenty more to dive into with the game’s highly replayable Raid Mode feature! There’s tons of customization for weapons and unique costumes for some of your favorite characters that also modify their abilities, including their knife and melee attacks.

Not every character has extra costumes, but chances are if you’ve seen them wearing it in the story mode, you’ll be able to unlock it in Raid Mode, alongside some bonus costumes exclusive to Raid Mode! If you’ve just started the game, you’ll only be able to access the first three maps; once you’ve completed the story, additional maps and characters will unlock as you complete maps and missions. Allow me to introduce you to some of them while you’re waiting for the game’s upcoming August 29 th release on Xbox One and PS4, or later this year on Nintendo Switch.

Jill Valentine

Jill’s first two costumes, “Diver” and “Beach,” modify her ability to reload and fire handguns and machine guns, giving her a good mix of maneuverability and flexibility when it comes to combat. Her standard Diver outfit is unlocked from the get-go, and you’ll recognize it right away from her appearance throughout most of the game’s story. To unlock her “Beach” costume, which also makes an appearance in the story, you’ll need to obtain a super rare weapon. These typically start to show up as mission rewards once you start getting into higher character levels, so it shouldn’t take you too long to unlock her second outfit.

She has one more costume unique to Raid Mode, too. The real draw for Jill is her “Pirate” costume, which makes her look less like a B.S.A.A. agent and more like a swashbuckler on the high seas, complete with a plumed hat and a friendly parrot on her shoulder! Similar to her other costumes, Jill has mastery over handguns and machine guns, with the added benefit of the “Shadow Dancer” ability that improves your ability to dodge. With good timing and a quick tap towards your enemies, you’ll be able to avoid incoming attacks with ease.

Chris Redfield

Chris also has two costumes that appear in the story. His first, “Snowy Mountain,” shows off his first appearance in the game, kitted out with his cold weather gear and a skullcap to keep warm throughout thick snow and blizzards. His second outfit, “Diver,” can be unlocked by reaching player level 30. As the name might suggest, this outfit features Chris as he appears aboard a derelict cruise ship adrift at sea. Both outfits offer faster shotgun and rifle reload and firing rates, allowing you to pick your battles from afar or wear down enemies with your rifle before blowing them away with your shotgun.

The hearty and hale Chris has a third, thematic costume, too. The plainly-named “Sailor” costume is just what it says on the tin, complete with shades and a matching cap. Unlike Jill’s buccaneer getup, Chris seems much more orderly, perfectly content to either take out ooze enemies or swab the deck in this unique costume. It makes for a lighthearted way to play as the ever-serious B.S.A.A. agent, and has some added bonuses, too. On top of his mastery of shotguns and rifles, Chris also gains the unique ability to become invincible for three seconds after using a green herb with the “Sailor Man” ability. A sailor who powers up after eating leafy greens sounds familiar, somehow….

Keith Lumley

While Keith doesn’t have a huge role in the story, he’s thrilling to play in Raid Mode, and also has a unique costume that can only be seen here. You’ll need to first unlock Keith as a playable character by completing up through Chapter 6 of the game’s story mode, but when you do, you’ll get access to his “Snowy Mountain” attire. Completing every stage with an S rank on Raid Mode’s “Chasm” difficulty will unlock his second costume, “Home Base.” Each costume will give him varying degrees of machine gun mastery, allowing him to fire and reload machine guns faster, as well as improved damage from knife attacks and melee strikes (attacks that trigger when you’re close to a stunned enemy).

Not content to simply sit around base, however, Keith has a third costume option that can be unlocked via reaching player level 50 – the “Ninja” costume. Keith loses his melee attack bonus, but gains an additional bonus to knife attacks, making him a dangerous close combatant. If you’re the type who likes to get up close, this is the costume for you. As an added bonus, Keith is also granted the upgraded “Shadow Dancer” skill, allowing him to dodge attacks with ease.

Rachel Foley

Rachel may not get much screen time in the game’s story campaign, but she’s a force to be reckoned with in Raid Mode. Boasting both mastery over shotguns and magnums, she’s able to balance out the relatively slow firing rate and reload time of her weapons of choice, and has a completely unique skill – the ability to regenerate her health. To unlock her, you’ll need to earn a Trinity Bonus by defeating all enemies in a stage without taking damage, all while your character’s (adjustable) level is the same or lower than the recommended level for the stage.

In addition, Rachel has a second costume you may recognize from the main story as well. Previously released as DLC, “Ooze Rachel” plays quite differently from her human counterpart, replacing her ranged weapon mastery with close quarters combat. Stun your enemies with some well-placed attacks, then take them down with a powerful melee strike! Rachel’s health regeneration is boosted even further with this costume, making green herbs a thing of the past.


A mysterious Umbrella agent who shows up time and time again in Resident Evil lore, HUNK makes his appearance exclusively in Raid Mode. Unlocking HUNK in the first place is no easy task, requiring players to complete every map on “Abyss” difficulty with an S rank before gaining access to him. Once you do, you’ll have access to his mastery over machine guns and magnums, giving him a good mix of firepower to work with and augmented by his improved ability to dodge enemy attacks.

A second costume is available for HUNK – the aptly named Lady HUNK provides an alternate take on the legendary character. She also mixes up her skills by ditching HUNK’s machine gun mastery and improved dodges, and replacing them with a significant improvement to magnum reload speed and firing rate. Perfect for fans of putting everything into one powerful shot!

There’s plenty more characters and costumes to unlock, but we’ll leave that for you to discover when Resident Evil Revelations releases on PS4 and Xbox One on August 29 th , and later this year on Nintendo Switch!