The Ultimate Mega Man Fans!

Oct 17, 2008 // Snow

After making extremely hard decisions, we’ve narrowed down the winners to four. “Four?” You say,  “But there’s only three prizes though!” Indeed, we did only have three prize sets… But we’ve created a fourth set as an honorable mention. So without further adieu, here are the Ultimate Mega Man fans!

MegaPhilX – “MegaMan got me into drawing, animation, music, game design etc. and made me into what I am today.”



This is one of tons of things MegaPhil submitted, but it’s among my favorites. The entire set of sounds and music is redone using only his voice! It’s amazing and entertaining. Overall, he has an entire lifes worth of Mega Man fandom. Check out his blog for all the things that make MegaPhil an Ultimate Fan!

Joey – “I was immediately engulfed with the music and game play, despite the unforgiving difficulty level. I’m pretty sure Cutman was the very first stage I had played, and it set the precedent for many dozens of stages I would be playing for the next 20 years.”

Joey has tons history with Mega Man, and one of the coolest was this license plate! Through it all, he has only grown in his passion for Mega Man, even driving the distance to our old Capcom Head Quarters in 2005. Take the time to read his blog on how the first game lead him into a lifetime passion!

Marcus – “I don’t just care about myself or my Mega Man Collection but also about Mega Man himself, all the stories about him, his friends, all the stories after his timeline, before his timeline and all the other Mega Man fans in this comunity and all around out there!”

Click here to watch his Mega Man 10 trailer!

Marcus has created various fan made Mega Man games, and does a fantastic job! Not only that, he’s created posters, banners, and even a miniature replica of the Mega Man 9 Box! His blog goes goes from his creative inspirations, all the way to how he’s an “always prepared” Mega Man fan.

Our Honorable Mention:

Rob Man – “MegaMan was the first game that gave me the power to choose my destiny, one master at a time.”

There’s many out there who have Mega Man tatoos, but Rob Man is our fourth winner because of his life long love of the guy. He still owns the first copy of Mega Man 1, box ‘n all, on his shelf. His collection is more than just a bunch of rare Mega Man items… To him, it’s a whole set of memories, inspirirations, and devotion to Mega Man. In his blog you can see just how far and how long his loyalty to Mega Man has taken him.