The Official Mega Man Zero Collection Art Contest: Week One

May 10, 2010 // jgonzo

You guys are crazy, and I mean that in the best possible way! How else can I explain that we had over ONE HUNDRED submissions for the recent Mega Man Zero Collection t-shirt design contest? Or how about explaining the 350+ fan art submissions we received over the course of the Mega Man 10 robot master art contests?

I’m going to test your craziness today by announcing a NEW Mega Man art contest for Mega Man Zero Collection! Similar to the robot master contests, this will be a weekly contest but will only run for 4 weeks. For week one, we’ll focus on the FIRST game of the Mega Man Zero Collection. All you have to do is submit your best fan art that has something to do with the first Mega Man Zero game.

Even if you’ve never played the Zero series, you have to admit, the art style is certainly unique and inspirational!

TO ENTER: Send me a private message by Monday, May 17th at 9AM PDT with a link to your art and the subject “Mega Man Zero Fan Art: Week One”. Please include a brief explanation of your art with your entry.

THE PRIZE: Each week’s winner (judged by an internal Capcom panel) will win the MMZ art book, Mega Man Zero: Official Complete Works courtesy of Udon and a FREE copy of Mega Man Zero Collection to be shipped out upon its release date!

TO DISCUSS: Head on over to our offical Mega Man fan art discussion thread !

Good luck to all that enter!