The Mega Man 10 Fan Art Collaboration Contest: Your Assigned Partners

Mar 17, 2010 // jgonzo

*updated the last team*

All right class folks, I’ve gone and randomly assigned everyone (using a random number generator) and given everyone a partner. There was one team of three, due to the odd number of entries, but we should be fine.

First, a few rules:

1) Please RESPECT your art partner. You may want to contact them as soon as possible to show each other’s art styles, schedules, and ideas.

2) There may be arguments and/or debates, but please try to work it out. I don’t want to see a bunch of “OMGHESUCKS” messages 😉 If you are having a very difficult time, or feel that your partner is not doing their part, please send me a private message detailing the problem. I will try to work it out between you and your partner.

3) If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message.

4) Assignments will be due March 29th by 11AM PDT. Please choose one person from your team and send me your piece, your partner’s name, and a team name (if you have one) via PM.

Use the Mega Man fan art forum to discuss this project if you’d like.

So, without further ado please hit the jump to see your assigned partners!

Team 1 Fredo , BB Panda

*updated* Team 2 Stigmae , Espiownage

Team 3 Goku-san , maqqy96

Team 4 Garth , OscarX

Team 5 Puuks , Trevor

*updated* Team 6 Chaos , Creepo

Team 7 linkfreak131 , BNMotive

Team 8Rock Miyabi , Duckaiser

Team 9 Andrew (afreaknperson), Ryouko

Team 10 Arkayne , kaiser-blade

Team 11 Renee/Zoroko , Nicolas

Team 12 Centaur Man , Reverend Fetus

Team 13 Andrew (partimehumann), Ian (prof. murray)

Team 14Ian Dimas , R.Case

Team 15 adam , Daniel (press start)

Team 16Absolute 0 , seymour

Team 17Daniel C86 , Andy-Oh!

Team 18 Garrett , Sarahfu

Team 19 ernesto , GameDemonKing

Team 20 AWD! , Tabby

Team 21 St.Marin , P-RO

Team 22 Grant , Jehuty

Team 23 Sal , Jonathan