The End of Dead Rising 2’s Tape it or Die Website and-OMG a Servbot in a Cowboy Hat

Oct 20, 2010 // jgonzo

Last week marked the end of Dead Rising 2’s viral site, www.tapeitordie.com . We saw a lot of creative weapons in the Weapon of the Week posts and learned a lot about the world of Dead Rising 2 via bloggers Johnny Pipes, Gretchen, “Left Hand” Lance, and Wallace. 

You can check out their final blog post here . In addition, check out the weapon of the week come to life above! It’s a servbot! In a cowboy hat! You can find the blog about that here

Finally, the “Weapon of Forever” (the best of all the user-created weapons) went to Thor by VileMethoD! Congrats!

Were YOU ever able to find our intrepid bloggers in Dead Rising 2? Did you save them or did you let them die?