The Dark Void of motorcycles: Confederate Motor’s F131 Hellcat Combat

Jun 18, 2009 // Kramez

True story: at one point, the early version of the game that would eventually become Dark Void featured motorcycles, Egyptian temples and giant clanky robots. Fortunately, the game has gotten much, much better since then. However, when someone sent me a link to these crazy F131 Hellcat motorcycles, I had two immediate thoughts upon viewing:

Thought #1: Man, these bikes would totally fit in Dark Void.

Thought #2: I wonder if I could get Confederate Motor Company to send me one for free so I could paint the Dark Void logo on the side and ride around. Good advertising for us both!

I am the ideal American Consumer, because my brain immediately and automatically changes states from “Neat!” to “Want!” with no actualy phase transition. Evidently, I am the Schrodinger’s Cat of impulse buying. Or schmoozing free stuff, whatevs.

If you’ve got big piles of money and the urge to look all Steampunk-y on two wheels, I’d suggest contacting these dudes to figure out how you can get your mits on one of the of these limited-run F131 Hellcats. More than 150 pounds of torque and over 149 horsepower with a hand-milled and TIG-welded chasis? Suddenly my 2002 V-Star 650 Classic doesn’t look so hot…