The Characters of Resident Evil Revelations, Vol. 2

Aug 16, 2017 // Kellen Haney

The unique storytelling in Resident Evil Revelations presents the game’s twisting plot in a way you might expect from your favorite television show. Instead of controlling and following one main character throughout the game, you’ll jump between multiple characters and their perspectives, unveiling a larger story piece by piece through creative storytelling and clever cliffhangers. Following up on part one , we’re now taking a look at additional characters you’ll see among the varied locations of Revelations.

Serving as a bridge between Resident Evil 4 and 5 , you’ll see some familiar faces as well as newer additions to the Resident Evil universe.

Chris Redfield

Working for the same organization as Jill Valentine during the events of Resident Evil Revelations, Chris Redfield is a Special Operations Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.). To both fans of the series and fans of games in general, Chris needs little introduction, making his first appearance in the original Resident Evil. Driven by a strong sense of justice despite being a bit bull-headed in his approach, Chris is well-known for taking care of those he commands and putting their safety above his own. While Redfield previously served as a member of Raccoon City’s Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) and escaped the infamous “Mansion Incident” in the Arklay Mountains, he quickly turned his sights on Umbrella, the company behind the outbreak that would lead to the eventual destruction of Raccoon City.

Chris’ mission to wipe out Umbrella eventually has taken him to a myriad of locations, from across Europe to the lonely Rockfort Island, and even to the white wasteland of Antarctica, before co-founding the B.S.A.A. Chris’ current location is unknown at the beginning of Revelations , which prompts Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani to begin a search and rescue mission.

Raid Mode Edge – In Raid Mode, Chris has both increased shotgun reload speed and increased rifle reload speed, allowing you to pick your battles – or pick off enemies – from a distance with a rifle before getting in close with a shotgun.

Jessica Sherawat

A member of the B.S.A.A. and Chris’ partner, Jessica initially joins Chris as they investigate the Valkoinen Mökki Airport, a location that’s suspected as a base of operations for the dormant extremist group, Il Veltro. Direct to a fault, Jessica seems quite interested in the partnership between Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, asking pointed questions even as Chris insists that she keep her mind on the mission. While currently working in the B.S.A.A., Jessica, much like Parker Luciani, has ties to the past and the F.B.C. (Federal Bioterrorism Commission), and was present during the events that would eventually lead to the destruction of the floating city Terragrigia.

Raid Mode Edge – Jessica has a slightly unconventional set of skills, improving both her machine gun and rifle reload speed. Take shots at your enemies from a distance with the rifle, and if they get too close? Switch to your machine gun and unload!

Quint Cetcham

Partner to Keith Lumley and a fellow B.S.A.A. agent, Quint is more than happy to spend his time at the B.S.A.A. offices completing paperwork and cracking (terrible) jokes over taking on missions. Still, at the behest of Chris Redfield, Quint joins Keith on a mission to investigate Valkoinen Mökki Airport to look for information on Jill and Parker’s whereabouts before Chris and Jessica are sent out to search for them. Despite his appearance, awkward demeanor, and his unfortunate call sign, Quint is a marvel with machinery, having suggested and implemented many of the features in the distinct Genesis Scanner as well as his equally distinct headset.

Raid Mode Edge – Quint is a great character for those who like to risk it all, with both faster shotgun reload speed as well as increased blast radius for his grenades.

Morgan Lansdale

A distinguished and calculated man, Lansdale is the head of the F.B.C., and, during the events of the Terragrigia panic, ordered the destruction of the city to prevent the bioweapon outbreak from spreading further. Around the same time that Jill and Parker first reached the Queen Zenobia, two of Lansdale’s agents also boarded the ship, investigating ties between the ship and the group Il Veltro on behalf of the F.B.C. He seems to harbor a resentment of the B.S.A.A. and has often come into open verbal conflict with the director of the group, Clive O’Brian.

Raid Mode Edge – Lansdale isn’t playable in Story Mode, but he has quite a way with weapons in Raid Mode, being able to reload both rifles and extremely powerful (but extremely slow) magnums faster. While he doesn’t have much in the way of close combat, with a steady aim, you’ll never have to worry about it.

Next week, we’ll be taking a look at the fun, weird, and call-back costumes for some of the characters that you can use in Raid Mode! Resident Evil Revelations will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting August 29, 2017, and Late 2017 on Nintendo Switch.