Teasing the Street Fighter SDCC exclusives by UDON

Jul 09, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Heads up everyone! San Diego Comic Con is in NEXT WEEK!

Oh you knew that already? Well then, how about this: many companies have Comic Con exclusive items for sale at the showfloor!

Wait, you knew that too? Then let’s dive into UDON Entertainment ‘s Street Fighter exclusives:

First, we’ve got the announcement of a brand new original series  Street Fighter Origins: Akuma ! The title is pretty self-explanatory and it sounds like a pretty badass story! Here’s the teaser of the cover art:

Next up is  Street Fighter Classic Volume 1 , which sports a very suitable cover: Ryu vs. Sagat! It brings together content from the first 10 issues of UDON’s Street Fighter series in one hardcover book! Definitely a collector’s item.

And one more comic to talk about…  Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation ! This one arrives at the Street Fighter III era, but with some of your favorite Street Fighter IV characters, such as Guile and Juri, as seen below:

So where can you get your hands on all these? Only at UDON Entertainment’s SDCC booth, which is #4529.

Also, Street Fighter Executive Producer  Ono-san will be there for a signing at 5pm on July 18th, so you’ve got yet another reason to stop by!!

Oh, and you’re wondering about the header image? Well those are teasers for the special artwork that you’ll find in each of the Comic Con exclusive items above:

Street Fighter Origins: Akuma features “Sakura on the beach” art;
Street Fighter Classics Volume 1 features “Chun Li on the beach” art;
Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation features “Juri on the beach” art.

Now they’ve fallen into the “must buy” territory… =P