Strider Leaderboard Showdown – Round 4 – PlayStation 3

Apr 05, 2014 // GregaMan

The time has come for Round 4 of our ongoing Strider Leaderboard Showdown! For this round, we will be doing another Beacon Run, this time on PlayStation 3.

How to Enter:

Step 1:  Add our PSN ID “capcom_unity  as a Friend on PSN.

Step 2:  Comment on this post below OR send me a private message on Unity giving your own PSN ID. This is how we know who to badge on Unity.

Step 3:  Complete the Beacon Run Challenge  “Street Rat”  (Beacon Run #7). Do this before  Thursday, April 10th at noon PT to qualify.  Your completion time will show up on our Friend-filtered leaderboard. 

The player with the fastest completion time will receive a rare and awesome Strider scarf, pictured above. All other entrants will receive the Strider Leaderboard Showdown badge! 

If you have yet to unlock Beacon Run #7, it can be found (as a POW icon) in the Processing area. I recommend checking  this incredibly handy map  made by Steam user  Sainiku .

Best of luck to all entrants!