Strider Leaderboard Showdown Results – Round 1

Mar 17, 2014 // GregaMan

Well guys, here are the results of our  Strider  Leaderboard Showdown – Round 1.  As you can see, only three people both added the “Capcom_Unity” account as a friend  and cleared the game. I think we can do better than that for future rounds, starting with Round 2 tomorrow. Make sure you’re following our instructions if you want to enter! 

Meanwhile, big congratulations to Krazy_Tazmanius, a.k.a. Unity’s Tazman , for topping our Friend leaderboard, not to mention placing fourth worldwide! Awesome job to jme2012 and Megaman16 as well, both of whom tailed just behind. Scarf and badges will be awarded!