Street Fighter V joins ESL One at the Barclays Center for Brooklyn Beatdown!

Jun 10, 2016 // Kellen Haney

Earlier this morning, ESL confirmed that they’ll be adding Street Fighter V to their lineup for ESL One, making SFV the first fighting game to appear in one of ESL’s major fighting game tournaments – with $75,000 on the line – at The Brooklyn Beatdown, October 1 st to 2 nd , 2016!

Home to one of the largest fighting game communities in North America, the state of New York and its surrounding areas present a perfect fit for what will be ESL’s first major fighting game tournament. From Stuart Ewen, Product Manager at ESL: “We’re very excited to bring Street Fighter V to an ESL One event. The Street Fighter community contains some of the most legendary players and moments in esports history, and we hope that with The Brooklyn Beatdown we’ll be helping to realize and relay many more of these moments to Street Fighter V fans worldwide.”

As for the event itself, The Brooklyn Beatdown will be an open bracket tournament with space for 1,024 players. A series of online tournaments will be hosted in the lead-up to the final event in Brooklyn on ESL Play, with top prizes including flight and hotel support for the main event to ensure that competitors from all over the world are able to attend.

Interested? Registration for The Brooklyn Beatdown at ESL One NY is now open on Eventbrite with a $10 registration fee. You will still need to purchase a spectator pass for the event to enter the venue. Tickets to spectate The Brooklyn Beatdown are available through TicketMaster and start at US$45 for a standard weekend ticket.

More information regarding the tournament, registration and ticketing can be found on the official ESL Brooklyn Beatdown website .