Street Fighter and Blood Brothers 2 Team Up

Dec 05, 2015 // ComboFiend

Hey everyone, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Street Fighter and Blood Brothers 2 were joining forces for an exciting new adventure. Today, that new adventure launches. 

Continue on for more details about this adventure as well as a link to download Blood Brothers 2 .

Starting today, three of the most beloved Street Fighter characters – Ryu, Cammy and M. Bison – punch their way into DeNA’s mobile RPG Blood Brothers 2 in special limited time events.

A portal from Earth has opened in Arnashia, and Street Fighter® characters suddenly find themselves in battle alongside native Arnashians – the “Blood Brothers.” But is this strange new link between worlds a threat…or an opportunity?

Players will be able to find out as DeNA unleashes a new update to Blood Brothers 2, the strategic battle RPG available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play . The first Street Fighter event is currently live until Tuesday, December 8, 11:59pm PST.