Spoils from Yian Kut-Ku Day 2014

Sep 11, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

Do you love the Yian Kut-Ku ? Sure you do; I have proof. Just take a look at all this wonderful fan art you shared with us for  #KutKuDay !

I’ve gathered a couple of them here, but you can see more in this Facebook album, or by searching #KutKuDay on Twitter or on Tumblr . Enjoy!

by D.J. Ross

Chalk Art by Beth Sanford

by Jeremy Babicz

Screenshot by Fz Figueroa

by Gabriel Becker

We also had a few haiku submissions (at least I think this is haiku), so here’s one from Espeon, on Twitter :

Your first hunt is here
Aptonoth leaving the zone
Forest and Hills fight

by Tortoiseharecreations

As a little extra, artists Tortoiseharecreations (above) and Paolo Diego (header image / one of my friends who got me to play MH for the first time) share videos of their digital painting process. Check ’em out below:

So now that we’ve got this thing started, you can already start preparing your Yian Kut-Ku fan love for next year’s #KutKuDay. Considering you have about one entire year, I’m setting my expectations pretty high. =P