Sink your claws into new Exoprimal news straight from Tokyo Game Show

Sep 15, 2022 // Kellen Haney

Customize your pilot and your Exosuit, and meet the Hammerheads crew.

A dino-sized amount of info on Exoprimal just dropped at Tokyo Game Show 2022! We’ve got the latest on new Exosuits, including the sword-wielding Murasame and high-flying Skywave, a closer look at the game’s characters, and much more.

Let’s start with the Exosuits. First up is Murasame, a heavily armored Tank role suit. Its samurai-themed armor isn’t just for show, either – Murasame’s kit allows it to guard against attacks from any direction before unleashing a powerful counterattack with its massive katana, Kiri-Ichimonji. If you’re the type who likes to get up close and personal to dish out damage while still protecting your allies, Murasame just might be the suit for you.

Next up is Skywave, which you may have spotted in some of the earlier trailers for the game. This Support-type suit can fly in the air, surveying battles from above and impairing the movement and vision of dinosaurs and rival Exosuit pilots alike. It’s a great choice for those of you who like to hang back and offer assistance while simultaneously making combat a nightmare for your opponents.

There’s more than just the Exosuit model to consider, though. Lots of customization options are coming your way! Aside from the existing rigs that players wielded in the Closed Network Test – the powerful Cannon, Exosuit-repairing Aid, and long-jumping Catapault – a new rig was also revealed: Blade, a large electromagnetic shuriken that can paralyze enemies on contact. Just like your Exosuit, your rig can be swapped at any time during gameplay, allowing you and your squad to adapt to any mission, situation, or threat on the fly.

You’ll need that adaptation, too, as two new mission types, each with their own unique challenges, were revealed. The first, Dino Pursuit, was already hinted at during the Closed Network Test earlier this year. Just as the name suggests, you’ll be tasked with taking down a target that’s on the run. In order to complete Leviathan’s objective and avoid being flagged for mortal sunset, your squad will need to chase it down and eliminate any threats that stand between you and your quarry. Meanwhile, the Escort objective adds a group of friendly Exofighters to the mix that your team will need to protect. These investigating Exofighters are defenseless, so it’ll be up to you and your squad to keep them safe in order to progress.

In between missions – when you’re not out and about following Leviathan’s orders and fighting for your life – you’ll have options for how to customize your Exosuit to match your playstyle and personal tastes. This is where the recently-revealed modules come in! Modules are upgrades that can be equipped and swapped out between matches. With modules, you can make a suit extra durable, improve weapon reload speeds, and even modify a suit’s unique abilities! Modules will introduce a variety of changes to how an Exosuit performs, giving you more control over creating a kit that matches your personal playstyle. We’ll have more info on modules in the future.

Finally, let’s talk a bit about the friends and foes you’ll come across as you explore the world of Exoprimal, starting with a few familiar faces you’ve likely already seen: The Hammerheads. Strictly speaking, “The Hammerheads” is an unofficial name for Patrol Squad #52585 of the Aibius Corporation. While out on a regular patrol their ship was sucked into a vortex, causing them to crash-land on Bikitoa Island. Let’s meet a few of them, shall we?

Ace is the main protagonist and your fully customizable avatar. While they haven’t been officially recognized as an Exosuit pilot by the Aibius Corporation, Ace is still a full-fledged Exofighter who you’ll be guiding through the world of Exoprimal and its endless wargames.

Lorenzo is the leader of the Hammerheads, a combat veteran who’s known for his calm and composed demeanor in nearly any situation that has earned him the respect of his crew. His sister, Haruka, passed away in an incident on Bikitoa Island in the year 2040. Alders, a wisecracking former Exofighter, had his career cut short after an accident that ultimately resulted in his right arm being replaced with a prosthetic. He gets along particularly well with Sandy, treating her more like a person than as a machine. Oh, right. Speaking of Sandy, she’s a highly advanced AI that’s capable of handling a multitude of tasks from combat support to personal counseling. Because of her countless missions with the squad, she’s developed a unique personality and considers herself part of the team.

Majesty is the newest member of the Hammerheads. Driven to be Aibius’ top pilot, she’s burned through six squads in the last two years and has a no-nonsense approach to her work. She cuts right to the point when it comes to discussions and has no time for jokes. While the Hammerheads refer to her as Majesty, her real name is Viktoria. Magnum is a brash Exofighter from another squad who tends to make hasty decisions. Even so, his combat knowledge can’t be overstated as he helps Ace through Leviathan’s wargames. Finally, there’s Durban, a mysterious Exofighter who seems to have control over the Watcher drones that Leviathan typically uses to observe its test subjects.

While it may be difficult to know who’s a friend and who’s a foe when it comes to humans, you can feel safe knowing that the myriad of dinosaurs being unleashed are always going to be hungry for Exosuits. To that end, three new types of dinos have been revealed.

Who could forget about the dilophosaurus? You likely know this bipedal dinosaur from its characteristic neck frill, particularly if you remember a certain prehistoric series of movies. The dilophosaurus keeps a distance from foes and spews venom from afar, contaminating the battlefield and obscuring the vision of careless Exofighters who are caught in its attacks. Meanwhile, the carnotaurus can unleash swift charging attacks, using its hard, horned head and broad side swipes to strike at nearby Exofighters. As if that wasn’t enough, this surprisingly nimble dino can lash out with a flying kick!

Finally, because a regular T. Rex isn’t terrifying enough, the mutated Neo Tyrannosaurus can fire powerful lasers, emit shockwaves from its body, and even summon other Neosaurs! If you participated in one of the Closed Network Tests a few weeks back, you may have already paired up with another team to take one of these monstrosities down.

That was a monster amount of info to cover, so those of you hungry for more can head over to the official Exoprimal website for more details on suits, rigs, and more. For even more updates, keep an eye on the Exoprimal Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as the Capcom USA TikTok.

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