SFxT Dev Blog: Answers to Fan Questions

Nov 11, 2011 // GregaMan

Hey everyone, this is the assistant producer of SF X TK, Tomoaki Ayano!

Japan has been going from warm to cold, and the weather has been kind of funky lately. It’s been messing with the staff on the game here and there.

For this week’s blog we decided to field some of your questions. Ah, by the way, for the 2012 revision of Super SFIV AE and the giant request thread, we’ve had an unexpected amount of requests, which we intend to pick up on.

This will be primarily based on the opinions of the Japanese players, but I hope you can find something interesting nonetheless!

Q: The Gems look really cool! But if advanced players can use Gems that have the same activation conditions…!? I’m looking forward to the game! (By: Devil vs Devil)

A: I agree, the Gems are really interesting! When you have to fight an opponent while keeping in mind all of those Gem effects, the battles become different from Super SFIV and really require a lot more brain power. It’s really fun! And yes, advanced players can also use Gems that have the same activation conditions!

Q: It’d be really cool if we could have a create-a-character mode…? (By: na*ma*ko)

A: Hehe…!

Q: I can’t wait for a possible Balrog/Dudley tag team! I really want to see those two as a team in the game! (By: Riku)

A: Yeah, I would love to see that tag team too!

Q: Come on, give us the scoop on who Lili’s partner is! (By: Anonymous)

A: Don’t you already know who it is? It’s not that hard to figure out!

Q: I really want to know the truth behind the teasers 13 – 18…! (By: kon)

A: Sorry, I can’t say anything right now. I guess I can leak stuff out little by little?

Q: I’m looking forward to seeing Urien in SFXTK! His tag team partner could be Twelve, M. Bison, Seth or Q! Those would be awesome! I’m getting excited imagining Urien and someone like Seth posing together in their cool suits! (By: Anonymous)

A: An Urien/Seth team would be super cool! They have the same kind of normal moves too… About Twelve… hmm, it wouldn’t be fair to include him without including Necro, right? After all, we have to show the same kind of love with all of our characters! But don’t worry, we don’t balance our games based on our favorite characters!

Q: This week I really only have one thing to say. RAINBOW. MIKA. You know the rest. (By: Orochidoppa)

A: Understood! ^_^

Q: I want the fight request feature in Training mode! (By: Sake cup)

A: You won’t have that feature in Super SFIV AE 2012, but it will be featured in SFXTK!

Q: I’d love to see a multi-function feature added to Training mode. I think it’d be really effective if we could have an online training mode so we can train while getting advice from others. (By: Anonymous)

A: You can do that in SFXTK’s Training mode! Get advice from your friends, practice tag combos, and much more. For more information, check out the fifth promotional trailer ( www.capcom.co.jp/sfxtk/trailer.html )

Q: I’d like to see a special 25th anniversary event at next year’s Super Battle Opera, or possibly the next game in the SF series! (By: Guest)

A: The next installment in the SF series will start with the hype of SFXTK. I’d be extremely happy if all SF fans got behind the game. I’d love to see a 25th anniversary event for the SF series. It’d be good if we could do something…

Q: I want to take a look around the real R&D studios. I could see the same game and check all of the cool graphics. (By: Baba)

A: The R&D studios are really interesting. As far as loving games is concerned, it’s really a place that’s both heaven and hell.

Q: The Gem system to me personally seems like an interesting factor that will affect strategy. But I’ve noticed right from the very start – and maybe no one has pointed out so I will – that the graphics are kind of hard on the eyes. Do you think you could do something to improve the graphics just a little bit? (By: Anonymous)

A: The Gems are really interesting! Please look forward to them. As for the graphics, they’re still being worked on, so don’t worry!

Q: Please have a costume pack for all of the characters! (I really want to see a Jaycee costume for Julia!!!!) Please have fun creating the game! (By: I really love cute girls, no really!)

A: Wait, Julia is Jaycee?! But regarding your question on the alternate costumes. We’ve had a lot of questions about this from all of our fans, but I’ll have to say No Comment for now. Sorry!

Q: It may be because I’m using a regular controller, but it seems really hard to do link combos on it. There seems to be a lot of tweaking geared towards advanced players, but I’d like some more tweaks geared towards beginners. Please don’t forget to make it easy for beginners to get into the game. (By: kateiyou)

A: Actually, I also often use a controller to play Super SFIV AE, not an arcade stick. So of course, we are paying attention to our balancing with the game pad in mind. Fear not, we’re also thinking about new players too. With Super SFIV AE, I think it’s best to go into the button config screen and set up your controller to give you an easier time hitting those link combos.

Q: Super SFIV is a really interesting game but most of the players are just guys. I find it really hard to go into tournaments that are primarily just guys, so I’d love it if you and your team could organize a small-scale, female-only tournament (The Ayano Nadesico Cup?). (By: SSFIV fan)

A: That’s a good idea! I’d love to have a female-only tournament for just girls!

Heh, that’s it for now! If I had more energy I would’ve love to have answered more questions!

Check back next week!