Return to Thailand! – Thailand Stage Remastered and School Costumes Coming to SFV April 25th

Apr 18, 2017 // Harrison Young

Hey World Warriors!

As revealed at our WonderCon 2017 panel, the iconic Thailand Stage has been remastered and is making its debut in Street Fighter V. The Thailand Stage is where we all first met M. Bison, the evil dictator and head of Shadaloo, in Street Fighter II. Hit the jump to checkout more info on the costumes and stage.

The stage’s intricate bell and statues have been carefully recreated in SFV with great detail, as well as the stage’s memorable theme.

Below are some concept art sketches from the team. We even explored a night time version of the stage, dramatically lit with candles but ultimately chose to stay true the original stage as much as possible.

The Thailand Stage will be available on April 25 th for $3.99 / ï¿¥400 / €3.99. It is also available for 70,000 Fight Money.

Also revealed at our WonderCon 2017 panel and on the Street Fighter Academy Quiz on April Fools, we are happy to unveil concept art and the final in-game look for the three premium school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li and Juri.

Ryu’s costume is based on a stereotypical Japanese Bancho (student gang leader) with direct input from a team member who actually used to wear clothes like this when he was younger. The lining on his coat depicts a faceoff between a Dragon and a Tiger.

Keeping with the atmosphere of her origin, Chun-Li’s costume represents her as an Honor Roll student. She only has the highest standards for herself and always aims to be the top of her class.

As you can see, Juri really pulls off the black lipstick and nails. The team had a lot of fun creating a Gothic schoolgirl look for her. We especially love the spider on the back of her jacket!

For those who want to rule the schoolyard, each costume will also be available on April 25 th for $3.99 / ï¿¥400 / €3.99.

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