Resurrect Your Darkstalkers Knowledge Pt 3

Jan 26, 2013 // ComboFiend

It’s that time once again to “resurrect your knowlegdge.” So who will be resurrected this week you ask? Well, it’s none than the undead rock legend Lord Raptor and the mad scientist’s creation Victor.

 Lord Raptor Bio

Lord Raptor is a charismatic young rock star, an expert guitarist and known as the “God of Metal”. He was unknown before the release of his first album, “Oral Dead”. Though not a success initially, enough interest was cultivated until his second album was released. It sold 200,000 copies in a month, and reached one million in three months, becoming the next sensation in the metal scene. He instantly becomes famous throughout Australia. Raptor kills himself, and over a hundred fans, in what would be his final live performance. A few days after Raptor’s death, a strange leather-covered book is found in his house. The words in the book resemble the lyrics to his hit songs and, in a topic titled “A curse to give sacrifices to the king of Makai”, the lyrics to Raptor’s song “Sacrifice” were found. This song was the last one played during the concert where Raptor and his audience died. With further research it is discovered that the preparation for the curse took a long time. Since the first album had been released Raptor had already started to brainwash his potential victims; his apparent aim was to start the curse with his music and obtain sacrifices. Because of his notoriety as a power-hungry criminal he is noticed by the Emperor Ozomu, who baptises Raptor’s soul in darkness; thus resurrecting him as a zombie. Ozomu then uses Raptor’s bloodlust to his advantage, enlisting him into his service with the promise of more power. Although Raptor agrees, his true plans are to kill Ozomu himself and rule as Emperor. Ozomu knows this and sends a small one eyed frog-like creature named Le Malta to surveil Raptor, though he also doubles as Raptor’s ally. 

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Victor Bio

Victor von Gerdenhei is the creation of a mad scientist by the same name. However, Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim dies shortly after giving life to Victor. Believing that the Professor would accept him if he proves that he is the strongest in the world, Victor leaves the castle. After Victor has fought many Darkstalkers he comes back to the castle, hoping the Professor would accept him, but the dead Professor does not wake up. Instead, the prototype Emily, who was also Victor’s “sister”, welcomes him back.

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