Remember Me poll – would you sell your memories?

May 10, 2013 // Minish Capcom

In Remember Me’s vision of 2084, memories are bought, sold and traded. Nilin, the game’s heroine, is a memory hunter who’s capable of not just stealing your precious memories, but also remixing them into a state that’s advantageous for her and her cause. Powerful stuff.

Considering memories make us who we are… how would you embrace such a future, where memories and therefore reality are in a state of flux, and for a price you could “remember” anything? Given the path social media’s taking (Twitter, Facebook etc) we’re all certainly interested in sharing a lot of personal information. But would you share – or sell – it all?

We’ll keep this active for a week and then post the results. This topic is always interesting to me, so I’m definitely curious to see what you all have to say!