Remember Me contests over; might your submissions be in the final game?

Dec 08, 2012 // Minish Capcom

Not long ago we ran two contests for you creative types, asking for your best “Ads in 2084” designs as well as your favorite personal photos. Winners from both could see their submissions in the final game when it ships next year… could they be yours?

Ads in 2084

So the bit with this contest was to imagine a brand or advertisement in Neo-Paris, 2084. You can browse the gallery over on the Facebook page as we pick a winner (who will be announced soon).

Memory Remix

When memory-hunter Nilin finishes off an enemy, one of her final moves is a sensory overload that blasts memories out of their minds. This is visually represented by photographs flying out of their skull, and through this contest, some of those photographs could be yours! As with the Ads contest you can check the Facebook page for a gallery of the entries so far.

Once 2013 arrives we’ll have a lot more to show and share about Remember Me 🙂