Raid Mode rundown – Episode 4 characters and online update

Mar 16, 2015 // Minish Capcom

When episode 4 launches this week, it’ll bring another batch of Raid Mode options in the mix. We won’t reveal all of them since they’re tied to the story, but new outfits for Claire and Barry are definitely worth pointing out ahead of time.


While his RER2 look is definitely inspired by the RE1 original, there’s nothing like stomping around Raid Mode in Barry’s STARS getup.

Claire RE2

Claire’s classic RE2 outfit is also part of the EP4 festivities; a look that will surely never go out of style!


And then keeping the retro vibe going is Hunk, who has been available since 2/24 as DLC (or as part of the Complete Season). True he’s not tied to EP4 in any way, but it made sense to post a reminder of his existence in this RE1-2 themed blog.

We still haven’t posted a complete list of Raid characters, even with four blog entries under our belt . We’ll be back next Monday with a final update, but in the meantime keep blasting through the stages, upgrading your guns and unlocking all these characters!

Since the game launched on 2/24, you’ve only been able to play Raid Mode offline; today we shared news that online Raid Mode play is planned to arrive on 3/31 via a free software update. If you’ve been playing since 2/24, odds are your characters are loaded with powerful skills and great weapons – by the time the update arrives, those who’ve picked up the disc (on 3/17 US or 3/20 EU) will have had some time to get caught up and gain some impressive loot of their own.