Puzzle Fighter 101: Smash those gems!

Nov 23, 2017 // Jeffery Simspon

Puzzle Fighter , available now , is an easy game to learn but difficult to master. The best Puzzle Fighters spend their lives in the dojo, training and honing their gem crashing abilities, but before you can take on the world you need to know the basics. If you’ve never played Puzzle Fighter before this guide will start you on the path to world domination.

In Puzzle Fighter you’ll be dealing with Gems .

A Gem is a square colored Red, Blue, Green or Yellow. They drop in pairs from the top of the screen and it’s your job to control where they fall by swiping left and right on your screen. Matching Gems of the same color together in square or rectangular arrangements will build Power Gems .

Power Gems can be any size rectangle from a 2×2 square upwards. The larger a Power Gem you create is, the more powerful the attack your characters will unleash when you break it.

To break your Gems and Power Gems you need a similar color (Red, Blue, Green or Yellow) Crash Orb . When a Crash Orb is matched with a Gem or Power Gem of the same color it sets off a chain reaction destroying all connected Gems of the same color.

You win the match by lowering your opponent’s Hit Points to zero by attacking with Crash Orbs and Special Moves. Each character has different attacks and Special Moves.

Another way to break Gems is with Diamonds . Diamonds are dropped every twenty-five (25) drops. When a Diamond lands on top of a Gem all Gems of that color on your board are destroyed. If the Diamond lands on the bottom of the game board without touching a Gem you’ll receive a Tech Bonus, which adds a charge to your Super Move .

Once your Super Move is charged hit that button and unleash a powerful attack on your opponent.

Be sure to play the tutorial to reinforce the lessons you’ve learned here, and start your Puzzle Fighter career today!