PSA: Dead Rising 3 PC Patch 1 available now

Sep 11, 2014 // GregaMan

::Note: The below is taken from Wbacon’s post on the Steam forums. If you are continuing to experience bugs or crashes, please report them in the new bug reporting thread including the information listed below, and thanks so much for your ongoing patience::
Hello Community,

First of all, the team here at Capcom would like to thank you for your patience and support many of you have provided in the original bug report thread.

Without further ado, the first patch rolling out today [available now] will address the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue which caused game progress to not save or load correctly when Steam Cloud is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue which made it impossible to select native resolutions on some video card / monitor setups.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the game to not shut down properly.
Note that you may need to restart or log in/out of your Steam client to force the patch download. Download size should be around 10MB, and the patch is applicable to everyone who owns DR3. 

Note on crash issues

Please note the team is still actively looking into fixing the initial load-screen CTD/hangs affecting certain Nvidia Optimus laptop users as well as the random in-game crash affecting a subset of desktop users. The information you have provided has given us good leads which we are investigating now. We expect to have more news for you soon. 

We would greatly appreciate your continued feedback on these crash bugs; The more samples and data points we have, the better we are able to narrow down and determine the root cause triggering these events. As some of you have contributed in the previous thread, Windows Event Viewer app crash log, MSinfo32.exe log output, and dxdiag log  are super helpful in narrowing down possible causes.

IMPORTANT : Please share the following information when posting in the thread.

A) Your System Specs

1) CPU name and model
2) Graphics card/chip model
3) Video driver version number 
4) System memory size
5) Monitor make/model
6) Is more than one monitor hooked up to the PC? If yes, is the desktop duplicated or in extended desktop mode?
7) OS version (Windows 7, 8, 64-bit/32-bit, etc.)
8) OS language
9) Anti-Virus software name and version (please be specific)

B) Specific issue

Please share your specific issue and the area where you’re experiencing this behavior. If it’s a reproducible crash or a hang, it would be super useful if you can share your dxdiag log file crash dump, etc. via download link.

C) Detailed reproduction steps, if consistently reproducible

This step in particular is super helpful for the development team. The more detailed info you can provide, the quicker the team can reproduce the error state and (hopefully) fix the issue.

Any rant or “discussion” that derails the thread will be deleted as it becomes extremely difficult for the team to track and compile issues.

Once again, thank you for the continued support.

– Dead Rising Team

There you have it. Hopefully this update alleviates some grief for those experiencing tech trouble, and we’ll keep doing what we can to address as many issues as we can.