Proto Man wearable helmet pre-orders available now at the Capcom Store!

Jul 19, 2016 // Kellen Haney

Now, I know you saw that helmet up there and are looking for some sort of buy button to mash your wallet against. There’s no need for wallet-based mishaps – click here to head over to the Capcom Store and pre-order your very own Proto Man helmet! Plus, if you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll also have the chance to see the helmet yourself alongside the other great products and activities that we’ll have at the show! Need more information? Just hit the screen transition – er, “Read More” button below.

Proto Man always seemed like a cool anti-hero compared to Mega Man. Sure, they may have similar helmets, but Proto Man has shades built right into his, and a stylish pattern on the front! That’s not only cool, but also radical, and maybe even a bit tubular. I promise I won’t use any of those words anymore. Let’s get right into the details about the helmet itself:

  • Designed to fit most heads, there’s adjustable padding on the inside to ensure a comfortable and snug fit, and a sheer see-through visor. The side panels pop outwards so that you can easily put on or take off the helmet.
  • Not up for wearing your helmet? That’s okay – the helmet is also fit to display in your shrine to Proto Man. Or, if you don’t have a shrine for some reason, it’ll look nice on a shelf or desk, thanks to the clever design that artfully hides the seams.
  • The helmet itself is made out of ABS plastic and has a polished, chrome-like sheen. It’s perfect for cosplay!
  • This is a faithful replica of Proto Man’s helmet down to the finest details – it includes air vents on the back, as well as glowing side panels that run off of AAA batteries.

Now, I bet you’re thinking “now, that’s a nice helmet, but it’s missing a certain something. A certain… je ne sais quoi.” Well, you’re in luck, as helmets ordered through the Capcom Store will include an authentic re-creation of Proto Man’s yellow scarf, complete with the Proto Man seal on one tail – perfect for bringing the whole look together.

The Capcom Store is taking orders now , with a special promotional price of $160 (USD), and shipping expected to start Winter 2016. The production run will be limited to the number of pre-orders and ends on September 1st, so if you’ve got your eyes on one of these helmets, get over there and grab one quick!