Pro tips for detonating bombs vs. sleeping monsters in MH4U

May 27, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

Hey, did you know you get a 3x damage bonus when you hit a sleeping mosnter with a Barrel Bomb? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome, but it’s also easy to mess that up if you hit the monster BEFORE the bomb damage kicks in.

Thankfully, MH4U  has super helpful community members who create handy info charts; for example, take a look at  this one , created by Cel .

For this blog I picked my most frequently used ways of detonating bombs but I really encourage you to check out the full chart  for more ways of capitalizing on all that damage potential, including options for Bowgunners and Archers.

Again, please make sure to check out the full chart over at Cel’s imgur page; and big thanks to the /u/Khalirei for sharing this!