Patch 1.04 Content Information

Nov 25, 2014 // ComboFiend

If you thought our support for USFIV for was going to stop anytime soon, let me be the first to tell you that you’re sadly mistaken. Shortly after Capcom Cup, we’ll be releasing a patch full of all the things that will make your USFIV experience that much more entertaining: Edition Select online, New training mode trials, Omega Mode (online and offline) and compatibility files for the Wild costumes.  

Continue on for a more detailed breakdown of what’s to be included.


Version Number

The game will now display “Version 1.04” in the options menu after the update.

Edition Select Online

Street Fighter IV Now players will be able to test out their favorite dream matches against all challengers across the globe. For the uninitiated, Edition Select allows players to pick any version of their favorite character from any version of SFIV that they’ve been in, balance and all. We’ve also added icons per version so that players will be able to adjust their strategies that much quicker.

Which character is the strongest? Pick your best fighter and go online* to find out. I’m sure an army of Vanilla SFIV Sagats and AE Yuns will be waiting for you.

*You can now turn Edition Select ON/OFF in Custom Match search settings or when creating Custom Lobbies for Endless, Team, Tournament and Online training modes.  Edition select is only available for unranked matches only.


New Training Mode Trials

Take your game to the next level as you try to complete all the fun and challenging trials for Yun, Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu, Hugo, Elena, Decapre, Poison and Rolento! In addition to trails for these characters, you’ll also find updates for characters whose USFIV battle balance changes made a few of their previous trials no longer possible. Once you master these trials, take your newfound skills online and style on the competition.


Omega Mode Online

Are you ready to experience your favorite SFIV characters re-imagined in the all new Omega Mode*? Every character has been given new specials, as well as adjustments on their normal attacks to make them that much more fun and hype. Once you get a feel for them, take them for a spin online** and see what others have cooked up with their favorite characters.

*Omega Mode is not actually its own mode, but an edition of the characters located in Edition select.

**Please take note that Omega Mode places a larger emphasis on fun, rather than balance, and therefore can only be used in unranked matches.


Updated Battle Balance

We’ve heard your requests throughout the year and have made some changes to the cast, with the ultimate goal of making everyone viable *cough DeeJay cough cough*. 


Bug Fixes

Both the Vega and Yun bugs will addressed and fixed in this patch. 

Compatibility files for the Wild costumes

Compatibility files will also be added allowing players to be able to use the Wild costumes immediately after purchase. Speaking of the wild costumes, here’s some screens:












So there you have it, the contents of patch 1.04. Our support for USFIV is still going strong, so I’ll be back in the future with a release date, battle balance notes and more information on the patch if anything new surfaces.