Official RE 5 Box Art

Dec 18, 2008 // Snow

Ah yes, there’s lots of good news around RE 5 lately… And that will only keep coming as the game nears launch. Today I have some especially cool stuff to show off, the official box art. I’m sure you’ve seen the place holder art at GameStop. But now, here’s the real deal. Enjoy!

Press release after the jump.

Capcom proudly presents the official box art for Resident Evil 5, coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 March 13, 2009.

The new box art imagery gives players a sneak peak into the nightmarish world of Resident Evil 5 as the art shows off the most thrilling new features in the game including the action-packed new 2-player co-op, the setting of Kijuju where light and darkness bring new horror and mysterious scribbling that represent a fear that no fan will forget….

This art will dominate North American store shelves when the game launches on Friday, March 13th, 2009.