NYC Street Fighter 25th Tournament series Top 8’s replays

Aug 17, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

The Summer Olympics are over… can’t help you with that; but as for the Street Fighter (which arguably should have been in the London festivities anyways), the 25th anniversary tournament series are just beginning! If you missed NYC’s Top 8 qualifiers, we’ve got the playlist below (and a personal note on tournament streaming by yours truly).

You know, I haven’t watched TV in a looooong time. Sitting and watching something just hasn’t been the same since high school Monster Hunter . Since last year, though, I’ve found myself sitting and watching more and more often. Why? Fighting game streams and replays!

I’ve started watching them since around  EVO 2011  and have tried to keep up as they happen; especially since I was living in the East Coast, and the hottest fights seems to always happen in the West Coast. Now the tables have turned, I’ve been told NYC just had a great tournament and I’m in California now. So, back to watching streams and replays, I guess…

Anyways, check out the full playlist here or the videos below! (I’ll be doing the same after work) 😉

Oh, did I mention they got my favorite commentators,  Ultra David  and  James Chen ? Yep, that’s them bringing you the best SF talk during the matches.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter III Third Strike

Street Fighter X Tekken

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

There are 6 more tournaments to go, so lots more hours sitting and watching… and getting hyped!