New Umbrella Corps Map Explores Antarctic Base from Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Apr 19, 2016 // Tim

The nefarious legacy of Umbrella stretches back many decades, including the construction of a facility built in Antarctica in 1969. Flash forward to 1998, Umbrella’s Antarctic base suffers a full-blown t-virus outbreak and is permanently put out of commission by the actions of Claire and Chris Redfield. Though the facility was devastated by its self-destruct system, its snowy, multi-leveled carcass makes for a terrific battleground in the heated third-person shootouts of Umbrella Corps.

The newly unveiled Antarctic Base map offers players three levels of the fractured facility to explore and gain tactical advantage over the competition. Iconic locations from Resident Evil Code: Veronica can be spotted in the most recent screenshot gallery . Mercenaries can clash their Brainer melee weapons on the heliport where Claire battled the monstrous Alexander Ashford. The derelict factory floor presents ample cover for players to engage in firefights.

Take a closer look at the Antarctic Base map from Umbrella Corps in the new trailer below. This video sets the stage for the map’s place in RE history with an intro using Resident Evil Code: Veronica storyline footage (as seen in Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles). Keep an eye out for brutal Brainer battles and locations you remember from RE Code: Veronica.

In addition to environments from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, a powerful threat is featured in the new screens. Special “Mutated Zombies” appear in the Multi-Mission Mode’s SP DNA Hunter rule set, where players can only win by defeating these powerful enemy variants. Mutated Zombies can deal heavy damage, take a beating, and are resistant to the normally pacifying effects of your Zombie Jammer pack. Even worse, enemies nearby Mutated Zombies are also immune to the Zombie Jammer, so stay frosty.

A handful of new weapons have also been revealed with new screens. The new batch of artillery includes a Brainer variant called the Talonhawk, and the Wolfsbane pistol. The robust gear customization options  of Umbrella Corps even allows players to paint their Wolfsbane gold to match the handgun type wielded by the late Steve Burnside in Code: Veronica.

These memorable locales and more are ready for your return when Umbrella Corps releases on PC and PS4 June 21 for $29.99. Visit our Facebook page to check out the full gallery of screenshots.